While I still have no idea on Nicholas’ place of birth or his parents, I have answered some very specific questions to my ancestry. I can confirm we are not descended of the Scottish Hay Clan started by William de la Haye. Our Hays ancestors probably adopted the Hays Surname sometime around the 16th Century. Possibly from the 14th to the 16th century our Hays ancestors left England for Ireland. None of our Hays family is Catholic so my guess is our Hays ancestors were Protestant as I have confirmed with other distant Hays cousins. Potentially our ancestors fled England from religious prosecution. This would have occurred under the reign of King Henry the VIII during the reformation and the founding of the Church of England around1540. Prior to that I cannot confirm how our ancestors got to England but highly probable they came with Norse invaders around the 11th Century. Prior to being of Scandinavian heritage our ancestors were indeed Scythian / Samaritans / Kurgan.

I hope, as more people participate in DNA testing, a link will lead me to the birth of Nicholas and some record of his parents. For now I can say we are American – Irish – English – Slav – Kurgan.